Third litter between

Supreme Grand Champion

Paradise Island's BodyGuard of GeeDee's

(Import Germany)


Supreme Grand Champion The Legends Nikita De Faria of GeeDee's

Born: 31st August 2013

 GeeDee's Phoenix

Brown Classic Tabby - Boy

SACC kitten & domestic pet show

11th May 2014

 Owner Amanda & Justin Koseff


   GeeDee's Papillon Rose

Black and White - girl 

    GeeDee's Pippa's Rose

Brown Classic Tabby - girl 

  Owner of both girls: Kathryn Keeling


   GeeDee's Penny Lane

Brown Classic Tabby - girl 

 Owner Barbara Van Biljoen


    GeeDee's Pearl Noir

Black - girl 

Owner Berto Basson and Family

Photos taken by Jenni Ferreira

 Page By Petricia Oosthuizen